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Terms and Conditions

  • A new client has to pay at least fifty percent of the total cost as advance and provide confirm domain name to EasySoftnepal (ESN). Within 24 hrs the domain will be registered and under construction page will be hosted.
  • In case of domain transfer from third party to ESN, domain author code is mandatory also confirm Email link has to be activated only by our staff.
  • The old client has right for their domain name and ESN can transfer the domain name and provide Email link confirmation to the third party.
  • Domain transfer to the third party is free but some nominal payment (along with domain and hosting charge of one year) is mandatory to get registered with ESN.
  • The custom design and coding copyright of the site is limited to ESN. Only data (SQL) is handover to client.
  • But for template design site everything is handover to client.
  •  The cost for renew of hosting may varies in future.
  • Client needs to give confirmation about design of website before hosting. Additional payment has to be made for any changes after hosting.
  • For every site designed by ESN, the logo and link of ESN will appear as developer.
  • The design of control panel to update/modify site will be given to client as developed by ESN. However, changes can be made on mutual understanding.
  • Client has copyright for his/her site design and respects the copyright of other sites.
  • Client can advertise his/her sites on the sites of other clients on mutual understanding.

NB: Suppose if you hosted (paid expenses for domain, design, space) your website from A and now you want to host from B. This is known as domain transfer.

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